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Given the time frame that has passed since starting the facility master planning process--typically three to five years—a number of factors that affect your district have likely changed. Generally, your tasks are now two-fold:

  • Monitor key external and internal factors affecting enrollment change and facility utilization.
  • Manage internal changes and external relationships to the district’s advantage.

Carrying out these two responsibilities thoroughly and comprehensively will keep you in the perpetual “loop” of a successful planning process. The activities of both monitoring and managing involve examining, analyzing and acting upon a number of independent as well as overlapping elements.

Chapter 7 of my book, The Essential Guide to School Facility Planning: Using a Strategic Process to Save Time and Money, discusses in detail the many factors, both external and internal, that you should monitor as well as whether and how you can and should respond to them. The chapter also looks at what you should manage, including relationships and communications that are vital to the long-term success of the school district. Case studies and real world examples are included.

Remember that a well-developed strategic plan is the centerpiece for making decisions and saving money. The principles applied through the capital facility planning process, including monitoring and managing, can guide your plan to ensure continuity, long-term cost savings and sustained, high quality, educational opportunities for your students.

Read a real-world Monitor and Manage Case Study.

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Finally – the construction process is wrapping up! It’s time to celebrate a job well done! Make it an official, community-wide event including great local media coverage. Inviting community members to every new school opening or remodel re-opening gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that the district has delivered what was promised and create support for you next project. 

Monitor and Manage

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