With funding in place, your school district is now positioned to work toward implementing the capital improvement program. As with other phases in the process, the next step is to determine the best approach to designing and building the promised facilities.

The following five project delivery methods are commonly used to construct public facilities:

  1. Design-Bid-Build
  2. Construction Manager at Risk or Construction Manager/General Contractor
  3. Design Build
  4. Pure Construction Manager (CM) or CM Advisor
  5. Owner’s Representative

“Design and Construction,” Chapter Six of my book, The Essential Guide to School Facility Planning: Using a Strategic Process to Save Time and Money, describes each method and weighs the key advantages and disadvantages associated with each process. Different methods may be appropriate for separate projects that are funded within a single financing issue, such as a new building versus an addition or remodel. Appendices relevant to this chapter provide aid in the decision-making process and include:

  • An example of a request for proposals from design professionals
  • A list of questions to ask when interviewing design professionals
  • A matrix for evaluating firms during and following the interviews

As you make your decisions about how you’ll proceed and with whom, factors that come into play from previous steps in the capital facility planning process. The value of the organization and thoroughness of the plan you’ve created thus far through this process will be apparent. 

Read a real-world Design and Construction Case Study.

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Ah, here comes the fun part! Truly, it can be an exciting time as you start to see the product of your planning process take shape. Design and Construction can be costly. But the clear Educational Specs you’ve worked hard to put in place will result in less costly design as well as buildings that will serve well your students, staff and community.

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Design and Construction

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