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How did the band room end up next to the library? Thoughtful Ed Specs can help you avoid these types of problems. From the school planner's perspective, educational specifications are the link between the educational programs and the physical school facilities. Ed Specs are also referred to as the process of "programming a facility". Four key factors to consider are: educational program requirements, grade configurations, building organization, and site issues.

Ed Specs

Educational Specifications, or Ed Specs, are the link between educational programs and physical school facilities. Ed Specs are also considered the process of “programming a facility.”

The underlying goals of your district's strategic plan serve as a valuable guide in determining educational specifications.

The development of Ed Specs is the third step in the Capital Facility Planning Process and their purpose is to: 

  • Clearly describe (not design) the learning activities to be housed in a school
  • Enumerate spatial requirements for those activities
  • Determine their locations within the building or on the site
  • Define ancillary spaces needed
  • List any necessary special requirements

Chapter 3 of The Essential Guide to School Facility Planning helps you thoroughly evaluate all elements relevant to Ed Specs so that space is optimized to serve the curriculum while mistakes are avoided—such as not locating the band room next to the library!

We’ll review the four key factors that must be adequately addressed through this process if educational specifications are to be functional, accountable and appropriate to achieve the desired results: 

  • Educational program requirements,
  • Grade configurations,
  • Building organization, and
  • Site issues.

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