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The value of a truly relevant Facility Master Plan, and the time it takes to develop and maintain it, have become widely recognized to the point that it is now the subject of university courses. Serving as a model for educational facility planning and management, my book, The Essential Guide to School Facility Planning: Using a Strategic Process to Save Time and Money, was chosen as the exclusive required textbook for a college level School Facility Leadership course. The first offering of that course took place this summer at the University of South Dakota. Designed for individuals in school leadership positions, it emphasized educational facility planning for remodeling and new construction, and facility operation and maintenance. Students were required to include citations from the book in their written assignments. School Business Administration is a prerequisite for this course. Following is feedback:

“We used The Essential Guide to School Facility Planning as the exclusive required textbook for our university's first-of-its-kind school facility leadership course. It was very well received and the students reported that they have truly learned a lot about school facilities. They felt the book was very readable, appreciated the humor embedded throughout, and even said that they felt they will use it in their careers.” - Dr. Jerry Rasmussen, Superintendent, Dakota Valley School District, and Adjunct Professor at the University of South Dakota

It's an honor to serve the higher education community with this process and publication and to have its value recognized.

A well-designed, comprehensive Facility Master Plan can save millions of dollars over the life cycle of a district’s schools, as opposed to short-sighted efforts to update facilities and meet students’ needs. The more specific and current your Facility Master Plan, the more optimally your district can serve its students and the community. Through your facility master plan, you literally hold the future in your hands.

Facility Planning Now Taught at the University Level